NAESCO Accreditation Programs

Accreditation Categories

NAESCO offers three categories of Accreditation for companies in the energy service business: Energy Service Company (ESCO), Energy Service Provider (ESP) and Energy Efficiency Contractor (EEC).

Energy Service Company (ESCO)

ESCOs develop and implement turnkey, comprehensive energy efficiency projects. ESCOs offer performance-based contracts (i.e., contracts that tie the compensation of the ESCO to the energy savings generated by the project) as a significant part of their business. To gain accreditation, ESCOs must demonstrate the technical and managerial competence to design and implement projects involving multiple technologies, including:

  • Lighting
  • Motors and Drives
  • HVAC Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Building Envelope Improvements

ESCOs must also demonstrate the ability to provide the full range of services required for a comprehensive energy efficiency project, including:

  • Energy Audits
  • Design Engineering
  • Providing or Arranging Project Financing
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning
  • Operations and Maintenance of Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Verifying Energy Savings

Energy Service Provider (ESP)

ESPs in most instances will offer all of the services offered by ESCOs (see above), and additionally offer energy supply options. These options can include:

  • Development and implementation of build/own/operate distributed generation, cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) projects;
  • Arrangement of firm contracting of energy supply.

Energy Efficiency Contractor (EEC)

EECs offer some, but not all, of the services of an ESCO (see above). EECs typically concentrate on one energy efficiency measure (e.g., lighting) or one type of service (e.g., engineering or project management), but can offer multiple measures or services. EECs typically work as subcontractors to ESCOs or ESPs.

NAESCO Accreditation

What NAESCO Accreditation is Not

There are certain things that accreditation does not mean. It does not mean that NAESCO certifies either expressly or by implication: that any accredited company's customer(s) will, in fact, realize cost savings by that company; or that any accredited company has any particular level of financial strength or viability.

Featured Accredited Member

The Brewer-Garrett Company provides single source performance contracting and design-build solutions to their educational, governmental, commercial, and industrial customers. Headquartered in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, Brewer-Garrett guarantees cost effective solutions by utilizing their in-house team to provide engineering, design, installation, and service. They take pride in developing the best solution based on maximizing the return on investment to the customer. Brewer-Garrett was recently awarded the newest generation of the DOE ESPC IDIQ and has focused their efforts to provide quality solutions for the federal market.

"The Brewer-Garrett Company has been setting the standard for Design-Build for the past 60 years. We applied those successful guidelines to Performance Contracting over 22 years ago, and we continue to create, innovate, and thrive. The rigorous requirements of the NAESCO Accreditation were reflective of both the values of The Brewer-Garrett Company and the value of this NAESCO Accreditation." - Kelly Tisdale

For nine years, Brewer-Garrett (BG) has helped Kent State University (KSU) reduce its operating costs through a variety of energy conservation design/build projects. The most recent project, The Dix Stadium LED Lighting Project, helps add to the guaranteed savings of $2,040,297 per year. Additional ECM's in the scope of Phase II, of the two-phase project, include Interior LED lighting retrofits, building automation and controls upgrades, HVAC upgrades, building envelope improvements, retro-commissioning, water conservation, window replacements, roof replacements, and power plant resiliency optimization. Brewer-Garrett is looking forward to continuing their on-going relationship with Kent State University and the completion of Phase II.

Past Featured Members

Member Comment

"Being an accredited member of NAESCO gives us an important edge when competing for major projects. Customers feel more comfortable knowing that our organization possesses the rigorous standards required of accredited companies.

-- John W. Mahoney, OpTerra  Energy Services

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