Energy Service Affiliates

Southern California Edison

Michael K. Bushey
Director - DSM Product Management

Rosemead, CA

Leading the way in electricity for more than 100 years, Southern California Edison implements the most successful energy efficiency program in the nation with a budget of $675 million for the 2006 through 2008 funding period. SCE’s energy-efficiency portfolio of programs has saved customers more energy than any other U.S. utility – over 4 billion kilowatt-hours during the past five years (roughly equivalent to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than two million tons and removing 250,000 cars from the road). Through 2008, SCE will continue to help customers save an additional 2 billion kWh, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by another 1 million tons. In addition, SCE administers the largest portion of the $3.2 billion California Solar Initiative, with a budget of almost $1 billion. The goal of the CSI program is to create 3,000 megawatts of new, solar-electric generating capacity – moving the state toward a cleaner energy future and helping lower the cost of solar systems for consumers. Southern California Edison is the largest investor-owned electric utility in California serving more than 13 million people in a 50,000 square-mile area of central, coastal and Southern California.

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